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america. robert kennedy challenged our america. and our teddy changed america. >> people have called teddy and me the odd couple. which was certainly true. >> two of senator kennedy's closest friend, orrin hatch of utah, and christopher dodd of connecticut share their personal memories. plus, senator maria cantwell of washington on the post kennedy health care debate in congress. and exclusive interview with robert f. kennedy, jr. and in our "american dispatch", the kennedy connection to boston sports dynasty. i talk to the president and ceo, larry luccino. four years now since hurricane katrina devastated the gulf coast. mary landrieu gets the last word. >>> a champion for those who had none. a man who never stopped trying to right wrongs. and someone who wasn't perfect but believed in redemption. just a few of the sentiments expressed at the funeral of senator edward kennedy in boston yesterday. president obama led the nation in saying good-bye to the 77-year-old senator laid to rest by brothers john and robert. hear the reflections on the senator's life and work, senator orrin hatch of
. this is not a war of choice. this is a war of necessity. those who attacked america on 9/11 are plotting to do so again. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico could save 'em hundreds on car insurance. it's actually doing it. gecko vo: businessmen say "hard work equals success." well, you're looking at, arguably, the world's most successful businessgecko. gecko vo: first rule of "hard work equals success." gecko vo: that's why geico is consistently rated excellent or better in terms of financial strength. gecko vo: second rule: "don't steal a coworker's egg salad, 'specially if it's marked "the gecko." come on people. >> in just over two hours the people of afghanistan will begin risking their lives doing what we take for granted -- voting for president. they paid a high price of taliban attacks and bombings, taken the lives of seven afghan election workers and six u.s. troops. the carnage isn't confined to afghanistan today. a series of six explosions in baghdad left 95 people dead and at least 500 wounded. it is the deadliest day in iraq since u.s. troops pulled out of cities and
emphasize peaceful -- revolt in america. >>> plus, tonight's newsmaker, the world champion runner being asked to prove that she is not a he. >> -- bringing it home. >> will a gender test be enough to silence critics once and for all? >>> hi, everybody, those are our big questions tonight, but we're going to start as we always do with "the mash-up" a look at all of the stories making an impact right now. the moments you may have missed today. we're watching it all so you don't have to. and tonight's big news, deficits as far as the eye can see. the white house announcing the big beast even bigger than they had feared. check out the new projection that $9 trillion, people, that would be twelve zeros. >> a cloud of bad economic news and a forecast of more to come. >> skyrocketing national debt. the latest estimates add $2 trillion to projections made as recently as february. >> what we know is we're spending way, way more every single month than we're taking in. >> the bottom line on america's ballooning budget deficit. >> it means you're going to ultimately be paying higher taxes. >> if y
to dashgs to the grandest capital to the small village where my father was born, know that america is a friend of each nation. each man, woman and child can take peace and dignity. we're ready to lead once more. >> we're back at the united states ambassador rice. we are ready lead once more. the president of the united states is it ambassador to the united nations. his diplomatic core around the world. what you are doing differently than the previous add sngs. >> we're doing a lot differently, john. what i think is so striking is six months into the new administration the president and his national security team have made enormous progress. we see that in a very changed approach in iraq where we are redeploying our forces responsibly and we're on track to have all of our forces out by 2011. we have a completely new approach in afghanistan and pakistan. we're focused very concretely on disrupting and dismantling and deceiving al qaeda and denying the safe haven in pakistan. >> i have to stop you. i want to get on one of the points you're making. you're talking about strengthening al
of other problems in the region were born. when america simply walked away once the votes withdraw. don't forget, there was a war under way in afghanistan at the time of 9/11. they were front lined active at that moment as the taliban were fighting other afghans. 9/11 obviously changed everything. the reason why the west is there is to answer a security threat being paved by the al qaeda organization in exporting terrorist attacks from its planning and strategic bases in afghanistan and in the tribal areas of pakistan. >> afghanistan has always been a country where it's a battleground of ideologies and unfortunately it's the after fan people who have to live through that battle. >> one narrative that i hear again and again, not only from afghans but also from pakistanis is, the abandonment they experienced after the withdrawal of the soviets and the withdrawal of u.s. aid to that region. after pumping in so much money and so many weapons, both of these super powers agreed to just stop, leaving huge numbers of armed militants, leaving a raging conflict, leaving millions and millions of r
. this is california's great america. this ride malfunctioned. the good news, at least they weren't upsidedown. the ride is called invert go. it stopped. don't know why. this started, campbell, 1:40 pacific, 4:40 eastern. you're looking at almost four hours for some of these people. last count i saw, 11 people had been rescued. whoever is last to come off this thing is going to be there probably seven, eight hours dangling. >> oh my gosh. >> feet dangling there. >> are you sure they're right side up? those people kind of -- >> that's what i'm -- i'm looking right awe long with you. you could be right. i think they're at a 45 degree angle. i'm seeing feet. >> those poor people. >> i know. >> mike galanos for us tonight. see you tomorrow. >> see you, campbell. >>> if you think you can exercise and those unwanted pounds will melt away, think again. coming up, new research, new depressing research that could shake up a lot of workout addicts. >>> and, ten days into august and the dog days of summer are turning into a heated debate over health care. we're going to take you inside these town halls.
as committee to stop dogfighting in america. >> good to talk to you tonight. thanks for taking the time. let's bring in steve and mike. you watched the press conference. what was your thoughts? >> he came across as very contrite, sin veer acere and apologetic. i'm extremely happy to see him back in the nfl. any time you spend 18 months in leaven worth, that's a stiff penalty. a lot of people in philadelphia feel it wasn't enough. i certainly believe it is. and i'm glad he's allowed the opportunity to be back in the nfl. >> less bow bowen, fans seem pr evenly split about vick's return to football. particularly in philadelphia. but there were protesters out there. what's your sense of where the town is with this? >> i think it was quite a surprise, john, to everyone. the eagles had not even been on the radar of vick's reinstatement options. i think that's one factor. another factor is that, you know, the eagles have an established quarterback in donovan mcnabb, and while that makes it attractive to michael as joe seagle said. fans don't think that will make a huge difference in the fortunes of
in europe, north america and china and worked everywhere it's been put in and the idea is to try to get our industry going again, stimulation. and it's working. now the original intent was to spend $5 billion on the program but only a billion dollars was allocated. certainly that's going to result in about 250,000 unit sales. the original intent was 1.25 million quarter sales. it was funded 20% of the originally intended. as such it's gotten cash starved because consumers have embraced the program. >> right. so to that point congressman franks, you heard what jeff just said. look at it more big picture. ford motor company saying their sales shot up 60% in july. isn't this what we wanted to help the automobile industry to boost the economy? >> look, campbell, the reality is, though, the money that it took to finance this came out of other people's pockets. that impacted the rest of the economy. when this country first began, a guy named fred said government is that great fiction to which everyone endeavors to live at the expense of everyone else. it shouldn't surprise us the auto industry is
in disgrace, and soon, he'll be dancing with the stars. today tom delay was on good morning america explaining how it all happened. >> why are you doing this? >> i love dancing. you got to be -- you've got to love dancing if you're from texas and i've been dancing all my life. i haven't danced for about 20 years, but i love dancing and when the producers for "dancing with the stars" gave me a call, i jumped right at the chance. this is going to be so fun and so crazy. i'm really looking forward to it. >> conservatives can have fun too, you know. >> yes, sir. >> and -- conservatives can let their hair down and open their collar and put on some dancing shoes and get out there on the floor just like the rest of them. >> will you go all the way to sequins? >> i don't know about that. that's up for negotiation. but if i open my shirt, i'll have to get some false hair. >> yeah. really not something we want to see. today delay twitters he's off to meet his dancing partner. he hopes not nancy pelosi. his little joke, his joke, he said that, not we. >> this is courtesy of mr. stephen colbert who offers
't about politics. this is about a health care system that is breaking america's families. breaking america's businesses and breaking america's economy. >> president obama was responding to a comment by republican senator jim demint of south carolina. how has the president done so far on this? i mean, they clearly have not been on track. >> during the campaign senator mccain and senator obama both talked about health care reform. everyone agreed that something had to be done. how they got off track that now it's only the democrats who want reform and not the republicans and he hasn't been able to keep his bipartisan word, it's really hurting him politically. >> christine, let's talk about money. a lot of money obviously. take a look at this number. estimated price of president obama's health care plan is a trillion dollars, estimated over ten years. it's in a multitrillion dollar budget but still a huge expense. arguments are made on both sides, some saying we can't afford to do this. the government is too big. others say we can't afford not to do it because the current system is broken and
of america. a solemn moment, an important moment, a moment that for this family, god bless them, has been long and coming. >> as you may recall, iraqi forces hit specher's hornet and they listed him as the war's first casualty. >> it wasn't until this month that his remains were positively identified. >> speicher's body arrived at the jacksonville naval air station. he'll be buried in a private ceremony tomorrow. >> his ex-wife and children there today to meet his casket. meanwhile, an infamous veteran of the second gifl war tonight defending the abuse of prisoners in abu ghraib. former soldier lindy england speaking out in an interview with the bbc. >> reporter: what is your view, your personal view about stripping people naked and degrading them? do you think that that's an acceptable thing to do to, as you put it, soften up detainees? do you think that's okay? >> compared to what they would do to us, that's like nothing. because if you think about it, i mean they at the same time, they were cutting our guys heads off and burning their bodies and dragging through the streets of baghdad
are on america. >> there isn't a bill yet. the plan that will be voted on if just really in the formative stages right now. do you have any concern about the information that's throating around out there? we just did this fact check. there's so much that's wrong about what's being charged. and it is unfairness coming from both sides, but you have to admit, at least, that critics have been overboard in terms of some of the claims they've made, right? >> i agree. there's a lot of hyperbole on both sides of this. however, in debates like we had today here in new hampshire, the president limited the access to getting into his town hall, so we couldn't have those discussions. anybody who wanted access needs to submit their name and phone number in writing to the white house. and it was then vetted by the white house to determine who would be allowed into that town hall. how is that an open and honest debate? >> well, they did have republicans there at the meeting. >> there were very few republicans i can assure you. >> did you send your information to the white house? >> we absolutely did and we had
't be so bad if this breadwinner brought home a little more bread. repower america. i hope our senators are listening. >>> the outrage is growing after passengers aboard a commuter plane were practically held prisoner for almost seven hours on the tarmac in rochester, minnesota. take a look. >> i was trapped all night inside a small plane parked on a runway. >> that's what happened to 47 passengers who boarded what was supposed to be a three-hour continental flight to houston to minnesota's twin cities. late friday night, thunderstorms caused the flight to be averted to rochester, minnesota. by the time the plane land there had, all the tsa screeners had gone home. and the crew was apparently at its maximum work hours. >> we became increasingly frustrateand also, everybody at that point was pretty exhausted. people had children crying. the whole atmosphere of the plane was just one of sort of deteriorating emotional stability. >> right now, as it stands, the airlines can hold you indefinitely. they don't have to provide you with food, water, or any medical needs. >> there's no culpabili
in question, amid speculation she is really a he. the story now from abc's "good morning america." >> questions that have been raised because of semenya's tremendous speed, muscular physique and deep voice. semenya, who is 18, burst on to the scene just a few weeks ago with a dominating performance in another racing competition. after that, international track and field officials asked the south african authorities to conduct a gender verification test. used to be that such tests required no more than dropping the pants. but today's version requires reports from a gynecologist, an endokrin knoll jiflt, an internal medicine specialist and a gender expert. >> we'll have a whole lot more on this very strange case coming up later tonight. >>> finally, the punch line, courtesy of mr. david letterman, a man who sure know hows how tod a grudge. >> you know who squeaky from is? in the 70s, tried to assassinate president ford. she's been let out of prison, been paroled. is she going to get a job? is she going to start dating? i mean, come on. if you think about it, there aren't many jobs
in america and around the world. ramadan karim. >> and that taped message was posted on the white house website and youtube, past presidents have done ramadan greetings in written form in the past. >>> well, the sheriff's deputy in midland, texas, has been fired. three others suspended over this picture, a restaurant waitress posing with one of their rifles on the back of a patrol car. not a good move. her name, bambi, by the way. the deputies were out of town for a training session near austin. someone called the local cops about a woman with a gun. here's the kicker. the deputies admit they had a few beers. surprise, surprise. >> her name is not bambi. you made that up. you had to have made that up. >> that's what it said on the little name tag. maybe it's part of the theme of the restaurant. >> mike galanos, they will have some explaining to do, i do believe. thanks very much, mike. >> see uh, campbell. >>> tonight's "newsmaker," hear from the kidnapped families about their fight to get them free. >>>n't and to's "breakout," biracial and not black. the controversial debate over what
at this congresswoman? again, what does that get you? >> well, people are frustrated. middle america feels disenfranchised. we are not being listened to. our congress people are rushing things through, i think i heard a gentleman the other day say, you know, they're rushing this thing through. it took barack obama six months to pick out a dog and here we have this rush to pass this health care reform? people are scared they're going to lose their health care. it's going to create huge deficits that are going to outlast my children. there's no need to rush. this health care plan doesn't get started until 2013. there's other solutions and people aren't being heard. there's many free -- >> hold on, roland. i'm going to get to you guys in a minute. i want to talk to karen. here's what i don't understand. you say people aren't being heard. how can anybody be heard if this is your approach? the congresswoman is here to listen to you and these throngs of people show up and yell all at once. how could anyone possibly listen to that? >> she wasn't there to listen to us. she was there to tell us her
a weapon to a town hall with the president? >> in america people have the ability to fight back and to resist. >> it's not against the law but is it way over the line? >>> plus tonight's "newsmaker." milwaukee's major beaten with a pipe after he tried to stop an attack on a grandmother and baby. >> the mayor was willing to stand between that guy and defenseless and suffered significant wounds. >> we'll tell you how he's doing tonight. >>> and the truth is out there. the british government shares its secret x files on aliens and ufos with the world. >>> hey, there, everybody. this is a big question tonight. we're going to start as we always do with our "mashup," a look at the stories making impact right now. the moments you may have missed today. he is taking a beating from the right. tonight, president obama fending off blows from the left as well. the subject, health care, obvious. the fire starting right here on cnn. health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius detede t detear clairing a public insurance option is not an essential element in reform. boy, did it enflam
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Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22 (some duplicates have been removed)

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